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Peggy & Bill

April 1, 2018

Friends of mine convinced me I need to expand my horizons and go online to find a match.

I did a little research and liked what cMatch had to offer. The questions were easy and helped sift through what I would or wouldn't want.

I got some winks and enjoyed reading the profiles but nothing clicked, until August 14 and I got a message, not a wink from Bill. I liked what he wrote, we matched about 70%, he wasn't forward, he was disappointed that we lived so far away from each other. I mentioned I would be coming to his part of the country for a couple conferences in a few months. We messaged for a week then spoke on the phone.

Our first conversation was more than 2 hours and there were so many God winks. We both were driving otherwise we would have stopped to write them down. We continued to talking on the phone for a week and when he said, I wish you were coming sooner it seems so far off October. I said maybe I could come up in September.

We had more God incidents and winks and then met.

Our time together was going to be spent around God, going to church, praying, worshipping everything focused on God.

When he picked me up at the airport, I wasn't attracted to him and thought I'd made a mistake but during church service in worship, I sensed Holy Spirit telling me to reach out my hands to him. I questioned the Spirit, and sure enough Holy Spirit said hold out your hands and watch me move. I shut my eyes, reached out my hand, to me amazement, he took hold of it, I continued worshipping God singing, praising for another 2-3 minutes with me eyes closed.

When I finally opened my eyes and looked at him, my heart and eyesight was changed. To me, Bill was the most handsome man and I can't stop demonstrating my love to him!

The best part, Bill knows God changed my heart. When he had picked me up at the airport, when we got in the car he said you're so beautiful, I recognized you right away... how about you, did you recognize me... No I said, quite annoyed and disgruntled.

Instead of staying for the 4 days I intended, he asked me to extend my stay. I did and it was difficult to leave. Everywhere we went people were blessed by our love and Union.

On December 3 @ 3 pm, we married.

Had it not been for cMatch, we would never have met. Thank you cMatch. If you're reading this and wondering is it for you, the answer is yes.

— Peggy