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Jameena & Kefa

November 11, 2016


I had joined cMatch six months before we connected. Kefa had been a member longer. I liked the forums. I used to enjoy reading peoples profiles, how they met and admired them. I interacted with many guys on the platform but never felt the connection. One day I sat in my living room and asked God to sent my partner through cMatch as he did for others. The more I thought and prayed about it, the more my faith grew.

One night, I dreamt seeing a jolly well groomed man who came by my bedside to shake my hand, with a very big smile. I woke up with a very strong conviction that I had found my rib. After that, I received a message on cMatch from Kefa asking me to pray for a certain church which happens to be his church. Our conversation took off from there. Every time I logged in, I looked forward to talk to him. He always was very polite. Due to the numerous conversations we had, one day he asked whether it was okay if we met. I was curious to know him more although a bit hesitant.I actually cancelled the first date with an excuse of being busy. Finally we met at a restaurant for lunch and talked for hours. I felt so at peace and comfortable as if we had known each other for a long time.

One date led to another. With time, he became a good friend and introduced me to his close friends, and family. He proposed in May, and last September we got married. We both live in Uganda and I am Ugandan though he is Kenyan.

To God be the glory!

— Jameena