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For the Broken-Hearted Ones


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  • ESTHER169

    December 20, 2015


    My Father’s way may twist and turn
    My heart may throb and ache.
    But in my soul, I am glad I know
    He maketh NO mistake.
    My cherished plans may go astray,
    My hopes may fade away.
    But still I‘ll trust my Lord to lead
    For He doeth know the way.

    Though the night be dark And it may seem
    That day will never break,
    I’ll pin my faith- my all in Him.
    He maketh no mistake.
    For by and by the mist will lift
    And plain, it all He’ll make.
    Through all the way, though dark to me                                                                                                             HE MADE NOT ONE MISTAKE !!!          

    Friends,I was greatly blessed by this poem during times of adversity to know that though I may not understand His ways,I can still trust in His sovereignity over the way He has ordered my life.God will ALWAYS ultimately restore our lives even if we have messed it up.He is a God of Restoration and a God of second chances! So cheer up, if you are feeling broken hearted today! He will heal your wounds and still make something beautiful of your life ! Like creating Beauty from Ashes!

    December 21, 2015 updated by ESTHER169

  • ESTHER169

    December 20, 2015

    Sorry friends..edited a mistake in the poem called My Father's Way....its  Anonymous..but was so encouraged by it  for so many decades, that I felt like sharing it so others can also be blessed. .

    December 21, 2015 updated by ESTHER169

  • December 29, 2015

    encouraging words esther be blessed.

  • JOSH340

    March 14, 2016

    All I hope for is the s'posed 28yrs I have left on this mortal plane is my comfort and dignity is maximised. My first question for God is"What did I and my children do to deserve your your utter indifference ?" What purpose is the sufferance of innocence. To me it seems that God himself couldn't heed his own urgings/advice/command by the line. 'Evil prospers when good men do nothing' Tell me this anyone, Did Adam create Satan,no, so why are mere mortals held resposible for ramifications set into play by Adam and Satan. If anyone wishes to suggest that there is no fate but that we wish upon ourselves is full of it. That would be like knowing the state of Shrodingers 'cat'. Eg A bank teller could have a successful carreer and retire happily as a manager,....or on her first day be shot in the head by a bank.robber. We are not superpositioned. We do not have that devine luxury(I know of three entities that do). What course of action should've my innocent children taken to avert the misery that has been their own mother. If anyone has some contributing valid point they could advance on this issue I'm all ears. Think about your arguements though for if 'only' suffering can build charactor what did our all knowing and all loving voyeristic God endure to get to his place of enlightenment. Afterall he who 'am' is the only one. So whom be the one to oppress God, hmmmm. No the reality of our God is a much starker one than what us Christians hold close to the heart. Comfort whether it is real or imagined has the same affect, so if you have fooled yourself successfullyI m sorry if this posted queary offends.

       I don't like the mindset I have. Not of my life,my childrens nor of the attitude of God. I would cherish a substitution that could ellicit the hope for joy and/or meanginful resolution. Joy hey that seems so long ago now its like someone elses memory.


    March 15, 2016

    I wish I could answer your quenstions why, but I can't. Terrible things happen to innocent people all the time, and many people suffer without deserving it. It seems that the innocent always suffer more than the guilty. I have no idea why God allows that.

    All I can say is that the devil uses this kind of situations to pull us away from God. He wants us to be angry and bitter. He wants us to reject God. He wants your heart to turn to stone.

    So please don't give in to what satan wants. Pray and tell God why you are angry or upset. He will never tell you why things happen, but He will help you deal with it. It will never be easy, but you can use your anger to try and make things better as far as that is possible..You can't prevent bad things happening to the innocent, but you can help them, comfort them and give them the love they need to pick themselves back up.

  • MEL299

    March 20, 2016

    i am a person that loves God,been through highs and lows and still standing. and I could confidently say that until i lost my mother to cancer and that truly broke my heart because she was my best friend.The tears wouldnt stop flowing and i found myself asking God why he let it happen.She was a woman that loved God with her whole heart.Even as she was in her last few minutes on earth she kept praying and even worshipping God and i stood there holding her hand until doctors moved me aside and tried all they could but minutes later she was gone.

    I felt like everything just crashed that day.Its been two months since then  and i couldnt even get myself to pray,let alone worship or praise God.I felt like God had truly let me down on this one.I couldnt even say that out loud but i felt it with everything in me.Everyone was looking at me and thinking 'she is a woman of God,she's doing okay" and yet the only words i could say to God were "why????!!!"

    Today i went to church and for the first time since all this happened,i was able to lift my hands up and sing with my whole heart and tell God that i dont understand why but he still remains God! That for me was a breakthough in itself..i guess its not everything that happens in this life that i will be able to logically explain.i will not always get the kind of answers i expect from God and the sooner i deal with that,the easier i will be able to move on.

    The ache in my heart has not gone away,but right in the midst of this struggle he is reaching out and meeting me in the place of all my questions and doubts,bringing a peace that is beyond my comprehension and slowly reminding me that he still remains God while i will always be human and will need to depend on him who gave me life.

    Josh340....our situations may not be the same but i guess we both are asking God why..a friend of mine said something to me a few weeks ago.she said"its okay to speak truth to God and ask him to help you see this from his eyes. Jesus met Thomas right there at his place of doubt;Thomas refused to believe until he saw the nail marks and he is able to do the same for you.It isnt easy,not by any means but God will see you through." he is able to re-write a man's story,he can  bring beauty out of a situation of ashes,he gives gladness for mourning and peace for despair..thats our God!

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