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Are you/we throwing stones?

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  • November 4, 2015

    Are you/we throwing stones?

    If people don't understand you, even you don't understand yourself REMEMBER, Its when GOD is reminding you that HE is the One who truly understands you no matter how you feel or think or say or others may feel or think or say about you REMEMBER no one has the right to throw stone at you, even yourself... Even JESUS CHRIST don't throw stones at you, HE who is blameless to any kind of sin... For who are you to throw stones to others and who are you to throw stones to yourself.... Instead pray for each others' ordeals, weaknesses, trials, pains, struggles, anxieties, worries, failures, wrongs, and sins cause through that we are lifting each other up not pulling each other down... We are created have unity not disunity, we are CHRIST's body and we are accountable to each other...

    Relying too much to people will hurt you for not every time they are there in those times you clearly see, feel, hear, and think GOD reveals that your weakness is, your pleasing people rather than GOD... It hurts yes but remember that GOD is fair and just,

    "For God does not show favoritism"-Romans 2:11.

    Pleasing people only builds up IMAGE that lasts only a moment,
    but Pleasing GOD builds up CHARACTER for eternity....

    Choose to forgive even it hurts cause GOD chose to forgive us even we hurt HIM so much by being sinners.... IT IS A DECISION TO FORGIVE IRREGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU FEEL OR THINK....


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