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Be in P.A.I.N.S

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  • October 21, 2015

    Be in P.A.I.N.S ( Positive Attitude In Negative Situations) and let GOD in our lives... Out in our deepest pain comes true freedom when we truly forgive..We are not neglecting the fact that we are hurt but in order to have healing, inner peace and acceptance we must free ourselves of from the imprisonment of unworthy feelings... We experience deepest struggles of life not to magnify the hurt in us but to help us, equip us and mold us to grow maturely to become life JESUS CHRIST more and more each day.. We dwell in pain, hurt, bitterness and suffering because we sometimes fail to see GOD, HIS purpose and will for our lives in what we are going through. We must pray include in our prayer that we may see fathom, understand the ways, truths and thoughts of GOD so that we are thankful to HIM in the midst of storms of life we face each mini-seconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years... We must thank GOD for our wonderful yet roller ride season and out of season... We must see and feel the beauty that GOD sees and doing in our lives.. If we are in the point of giving up here is our GOD to hold us and keep us up :-)

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