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Prayer request for a life partner

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  • May 9

    I confess in the name of Jesus that God is The Provider and He will provide the person He has for each of us in the precfect moment. He never comes late, for my own experience, He comes at the perfect moment. Just keep seeking God and believing Him.

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  • May 9


  • May 22

    To God be the glory.......

  • May 27



    June 1

    Help...Surrounded by F**** Boys all over. In person, on line, at work-no end to this misery.... Been engaged twice and both were the wrong person. I was prophesied about my future husband I’d meet in June w Hazel eyes. I met a man in June with light brown borderline hazel eyes and he proposed to me-needless to say WRONG MAN I married ...Now divorced and in a financial mess.False prophesy? Or, wrong interpretation? Or, counterfeit blessing? IDK. So sad. Still mad about these males out here.  Help..

  • PROSPER338

    July 11

    Greetings my brethren,

    Please pray for me I really need a life partner.

  • DEA138

    August 28

    By JESUS CHRIST favour may he give me my Adam...I pray Amen

  • EMMA130

    September 6

    me too we need to claim in Jesus name

  • October 6

    hristains, it's not about us ! In this world ! It's about the the Lost ! in the world ! Jesus Is Coming Soon! we must reach others, Some how someway. We must take, What we know. Beyond the WALLS OF THE CHURCH ! There is someone waiting, for to shine , before them ! Bring them home were they belong ! And all God's children, SAID !

  • SUZANNE948

    October 6

    I pray for you Rose that God will bless you with a partner to have in your life and bless you with the knowledge that you are loved and God is good.  Please Lord give Rose the desires of her heart so she may grow together in love with a husband who has been sent to her by you.  Alway let you be the lead her heart in truth and knowledge of who she is in you. Amen

  • PRIYA358

    March 16

    I'm single and waiting for a godly man... It's difficult to find a man who loves God and gives Him the first place in his life... And that is why it's important to pray for your future husband/wife...The season of singleness  is difficult but don't lose hope because God's timing is perfect..😊 We have to be patient enough and keep on praying until God sends that person in your life... God bless you guys..

  • March 26

    ROSE098 wrote:

    please help with prayers looking for a life partner i want to start a family and i believe my adam s somewhere. praying to God to bring him

    may the lord hear you and give you the desires of your heart but also note that in praying for a partner we need to prepare for a partner,emotionally psychological because its two people coming together it requires some level of readiness

  • March 31

    May God be praised and hear our prayers in the name of Jesus Christ

  • March 31

    we are blessed in te name of Jesus and time is not for us a negative thought of what God can do for us

  • April 5

    [Mod edit: The forum is not intended for introductions.]

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  • April 9


    looking for christian seriouse stable guy can meet for marrage.

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