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Give praise

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    July 2, 2015

    I dont know but as a christian im not too comfortable about this give praise option on a persons profile. Id prefer a rate profile with comments. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?


    July 5, 2015

    You can actually add a comment to your praise. However, if you're uncomfortable about giving praise in public, feel free to send a (private) message with your personally crafted praise :-)

  • NITA918

    August 11, 2015

    My Alleyka, very welcome and nice to meet you by here, you can to be free add a comment to your praise and feeling free send the messages to anyone on this site,,we are came here to meet for soulmate, meet a friends and share about bible and life of future is Good in God,,,

  • SUCELL553

    September 2, 2016

    In this context, i see praise as a way of highlighting good things about others, good things given by God in the first place... So what's wrong with that? jejejejje

    It also serve to encorage and give dimension to their profile, making the "praise-one" more visible and real for others. I think the key is to be thoughtful about it so we don't accidentally misguide others for not having actual info before giving a praise.

  • EMMA130

    August 9

    1 Thessalonians 5:12

    But we request of you, brethren, that you appreciate those who diligently labor among you, and have charge over you in the Lord and give you instruction,

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