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Before you MARRY make sure you have MONEY??

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  • January 26

    I've heard many times recently the quote or something along the lines of  'before you MARRY, make sure you have MONEY in order for your marriage to be MERRY'...

    My questions are;

    1. Is the statement true/false?

    2. Reason for your 1st answer?

    3. how much should one have before marriage?

    I remember how a popular evangelist in my country  (I guess trying to answer this kinda question)  talked about how he didn't have anything not even a job just a vision to produce 'Christian movies' and he and his wife went on and got married despite the wife's family not being in agreement...well that was on the news and Twitter especially for some time cos it didn't  sit well with a lot of people.

  • January 29

    Probably true for women I dont think men car

  • January 29


  • MARCO825

    January 29

    I heard stories about how poor people are andthey fell in love and marry even without money.  One I can name because he is well known.  Maybe not say his name but he was the boy who sailed the world in 1960s.  He dropped out of school so he could sail the world and he met a girl somewhere in South Pacific rim after he left California where he was living as a boy.  Well, 5 years later, as a man, he was already married to that same girl he met.  They were introduced by another yacht owner.  They both very poor and wanted to explore the world.. He only had like 67 dollars on him!  Well, after arriving back in California, he had it big thanks to media and all.  But he did not want that and his wife agreed.  They are living in Montana very poor and he is a carptner Now he has to be in his 70s now.  He has 2 grown children.  But when he sailed the world, he even got his wife pregnant.  They are living off the land.  I hear many times from simple women epecially in the Philippines said they are willing to marry a man even without any money on him because they said they understand proverty themselves.  The culture is different in each country.  In the US, the females really do want the man to be bread winner.  Even some who are not Christians are more likely after men with money for all the wrong reason.  Pockets rather than the heart.  By the way, that boy who sailed the world is Born-Again Christian and so is his family.

    Now, let's look at Jesus Christ.  When He walked on Earth, he was poor.  Proverty.  Perhaps he did get donations and offerings because he had with his Disciples just like a board of directors today for a missionary organization.  (was on a board of directors so I know how that goes for a missionary who founded this organization I was a member of).  Ok, now, for sure, Jesus had a treasurer- Judas Isacarot and he managed the money.  But remember that many followers were poor and not many gave much but all they had.  And guess what?  Jesus is the Bridegroom and we are the Bride.  We accepted Jesus as LORD and Savior, right?  Now, when Jesus was on Earth, no money and still we followed Him and accepted Jesus on the Cross who died for us.   Now, which is more worthy, the man with so much money or the man without wealth?  Love coming from a man who has no money is better described than the man with money.  But not always.  Hope I described this pretty good.

  • February 1

    The culture is different in each country.

    Yes, you described pretty good Mr MARCO825. But like you said, the culture is indeed different in each country. I don't see no Born-Again sister living off the land with nobody. Few, maybe. Thanks for your view.

  • February 1

    SPALDIN894 Probably true for women I dont think men care.

    They don't??

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