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I'm not lonely, so why am I on here?

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  • January 5

    Again, I am not lonely. I have joy in Christ, and He is everything to me. So why am I pursuing marriage? Well if I could choose I would choose the life of Paul to remain as he was - unmarried. I would choose to be single my whole life.

    But God designed for a man naturally to be joined with a woman for "the two will become one flesh". And therefore I am leaving it in God's hands.

    Agree, disagree. I'd love to know your thoughts!

    January 5 updated by GORDON362

  • SOA120

    January 8

    Everybody wants to find the One. The One God has planned for us to spend the rest of our life with. He hasn’t just granted the patience to deal with the wait and the challenges we encounter to go through the path to lead to that person. What we can do is pray for patience to wait, wisdom to know and find who is the One and the perseverance to make it work. I tend to believe that the hardest part is on finding the right one.  Therefore, nobody wants to be alone. We only need to leave it all to Him.

  • January 13


  • SARRAH206

    January 15

    Hi all, if I am to be honest there were some moments when I do feel lonely (due to hormonal depression i guess) though I know that the Lord is with me. Figured I had to face that emotion and its reality before it caught me off-guard again. It's great that we have the Lord Jesus with us but I was thinking if a child of God sometimes would feel alone how much lonely can someone get when he/she doesnt know the Lord yet. Hope we can also pray for other people ging through the same singlehood struggle as us. Blessings!

  • MARCO825

    January 29

    Not everyone has desire for someone.  If God plants that desire, then you know you will want to get married.  But also to test your faith to focus on Him.  Remember that Jesus was tempted three times?  Read the Word!  Then you will not be alone.  God is with you!  :)  If you are called to serve, better not to marry because you have more freedom to go on missions, relocate if you are a pastor being called to go elsewhere.. and many good reasons.

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