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adding personel info

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  • August 18

    i have a select set of info i want to add to my profile so people can look at what i am looking for.

    i do not want anyone to waste their time talking to me and find out they want nothing to do with me. see who i am, what i want, and if that interests you we talk then.

    i see no way to publish that statment of personal goals and values here on my profile. am i missing something, or is this a essentialy needed feature?

  • August 19

    found what i was looking for

    profile>essays>about me> type in etc. etc.

  • August 19

    no for getting rid of  profiles who looked at mine.

    how do i deleate  peple from the "visitors" third tab down on the left ?


    August 19

    Unfortunately it's not possible to delete visitors from the list.

    Please review the forum rules prior to post on the forum. Kindly do not mix questions in a single topic. Instead, remain on-topic by sticking to the subject of the topic.

    By the way, you're always welcome to contact us at for support.

1 – 4 of 4Topic closed