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Moving too fast

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    June 20

    I have been on two or three other dating sites and it seems that most of the guys that are interested in me want to move right into a romantic relationship with me and ask for my email or want to do video chat or hangout or give me their phone number when on my profile I state that I don't do any of those things until I get to know them better. Most dating sites you can messages each other on there and I feel it's safer until you get to know someone better

    Any one else have this problem?

    June 20 updated by SOPHIEKAT829

  • June 24

    I've sometime been involved in asking for a lady's contact and at another time had another lady ask for my contact, all ahead of the ripe time. Notwithstanding, reproof or correction by the site management has also help me outgrow that amateur stage of mine in relationship with female(s). I also was privileged to emotional understanding that my reason was, I wasn't use to females relationship in early stages of my life, and before I started signing up for friendship sites. So, it was like woow; I speaking to females in a relaxed manner. I wasn't used to that due to my upbringing way, and psychology I developed about women and ladies while growing up. I'm of view and belief that a lot of men who ask for ladies contacts ahead of the ripe time are premature in relationship, or they are freak, or they are into friendship relationship for selfish, and negative ends.

  • June 24

    People get to divorce each other from marriages, all because they went into marriage, not matured for marriage. I've learned that reasons for most broken marriages were; ingenuity in understanding among conceded persons in marriages. Some persons get reasons wrong as to why they should get into marriage. For instance, some get married because they lust after

    supposed beautiful, or handsome partners to be, forgetting to pray for God's will ahead of marriage. I believe such occur when we aren't mature in knowledge and faith of God's Word. Some people's attitudes and motives to and for marriage, anticipates theirs is decision to take, while it's God's role in their marriage to stamp or authenticate whatever decision they've made for and in marriage. There are things I perceive in people's lives including mine that reminds me we are yet to know God before we can get matured.

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