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Take time to get to know before calling some one!

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  • HOPE017

    April 5

    I found a guy I was intrested in, he wanted to do Skype right away. Then he wanted phone call. I said here's an email  you can contact  me so we can get to know each other  better. He accused me of being pushy  with my email.  Because  I gave him a safe way to talk with me he blocks me and calls me a scam.  I don't call any one I don't know because  they can do reverse  phone number and find out more about you then you are willing to give them at first.

  • April 5

    There is a lot  of people searching  the wrong thing in this  place.  We need to  be careful in what  we  do.  

  • April 10

    [The forum is intended for discussion, not introductions.]

    April 15 updated by CMATCH

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