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Relationship between Hearing and the Deaf

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  • MARCO825

    January 2

    This topic I like to discuss with you about having a relationship between a hearing person and a deaf person.  The difference between those two are one can hear and the other is deaf.  We know that.  However, nothing is impossible with God when you can communicate.  Right?  But what about when you do with a deaf person.  If you understand your relationship with Jesus Christ because you are already Born-Again.  You accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior and you realized Jesus IS Son of the Living God.  When you do.  You understand in Ephesians 5:22-24 how our relationship between man and woman, and we do with Jesus Christ.

    Now, we are aware of that in the scripture.  Now, picture this, but please remember that the deaf people are NOT any lower because they could not hear or communicate.  They CAN communicate.  It is matter of...effort.  Remember, all things are possible with God.  You can communicate with the deaf.  

    They are all the same as we do.  None of us are righteous and fall short of glory (Romans 3:23).  We are in fact sinners, we fall short, we are not perfect, we all DO have a disability and that is called sin.  I know it doesnt sound like it but I am merely painting a picture here.  We fall short means we have a disability.  So, it makes no difference between you and I.  I am Deaf as matter of fact.  

    I have had women I met on this site and elsewhere as I can tell in between lines they were bit concerned.  I had a Christian lady I really liked years ago and when I lost more hearing due to Meneire's.  I was born hard of hearing but because of Meneire's, I became profounded deaf.  

    Back to that Christian woman, I really did loved her and when I told her that I lost more hearing, she was furious and had hatered against me because I am deaf!?  I found that out through a friend who told me the truth and even showed me her Facebook.  She immediately went after another Christian man and married him.  He is a sailor and at the time, in Hawaii where he was stationed.  I never met her in person.  It was online a very logn time ago.

    I was crushed.  Hurt.  But you know what?  I moved on.  This is quite common I faced both online and in person especially from the U.S.    I still believe that God has the one for me.  I am still in between two world: hearing and deaf because both of them even classified me too "deaf" or too "hearing" by the hearing and deaf people, respectively.  

    I can sign American Sign Language but you know that I can talk very well and read lips?  I am mistaken often as a hearing person because of my speech.  Second of all, not only I can speak my native English and American Sign Language, I can speak some Spanish, Italian, and Tagalog.  I also can sign Central American Sign Language.  

    Some of you I am sure are missionaries.  And you know what I mean by language barriers when you first arrived in the country you are called to.  I was in Central America and mostly they signed their language and Spanish speaking language.  I broke that barrier with faith and they understood me just like that.  Thanks to the video I got from a missionary in Costa Rica.  Si.  Habla espanol poco.  The video was a tutoring video for me to learn their sign language.  Tagalog.. well, thanks to the ladies.. That is how I learned how to speak in Tagalog. Italian- I am part Italian.  God gave me talent to learn language like that.  I may be deaf but I can hear with my heart!  Amen!

    You can have a relationship with a deaf person when you set yourself to be the same as that person.  Like Jesus did.  He came down and be like us and died on the Cross for us.  Only difference Jesus IS God and he rose from the dead and went to Heaven to be seated next to the Father and the Holy Ghost. This is what Ephesians 5:21 -33/

    Please do jump in discussion and your experience with deaf people if you have any.  Any of you had relationship with a deaf person?  If you are deaf, please do jump in and talk about it!  

    (Please note I did not captialized D for a good reason).

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