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About choices when searching for someone on here (or any sites)

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  • MARCO825

    December 13

    I have come to a result that I have noticed.  Due to my age, as it has been since I graduated from high school, I get women OLDER than me looking at my profile (or in person when I was younger before the internet days)...

    Since I like to have children of my own and because I am 54, I would have to resort to females in their 20s and 30s. I am not giving up on what I believe in and desire.  Sarah did not have Issac till she was 90.  

    I wish sites like this one would really have an age block system.  Only for those I am seeking to view my profile, not older ones.

    Sorry for those statements I made however, I am making a point.  How come and why women older tend to view me or wanted me.  I was 20 once and someone fixed me up on a blind date who was 35 at the time.  Wow, she would be 69 now.  But she told me on that date she did not want any children and I was disappointed.  Then few years older.. like age 22 or 23, at church my brother wanted to tell me what 4 women told him (those 4 I knew at church for years and liked them.. not all at once.. one after another rejected me but did not say a word) and they thought I was my brother's father!  My brother is 2 and half years younger than me!  HUH?  

    It is my hair I think. and my face when I was 18.. I looked 35 to 45.  Now I am getting a few young ladies I chatted in past few years said they thought I was 35!  I am in my 50s.  I took care of myself better these days.  Lost weight, eat right, etc.  But much grey hair now.  NO kidding!

    My question is why is it older women even I am in my 50s.. (my age and older) are after me.  I can tell on my viewed list.  Here and other sites I have been to. Pretty much same pattern.  

    Thank you and please kindly reply in nice softer way.  I am quite sensititve person.

  • December 15

    Its normal. We all like different things. Other man's meat is poison to the other. You will always have people who like you no matter what. Others will tell you, others not. Above all, trust God more.

  • December 16

    I think you're just likeable. Any woman would want you no matter the age. The only thing I know is that we all have the freedom of choice. It's upon you to choose  who you want, by the help of God. Trust me you will find her. Gods time is always the best. My heart for you is that the Lord meets you and grants the desires of your heart. Amen

  • December 17

    Psalms 37:3_5 only God gives you the desire of your heart,means you are favourable,likable and acceptable,so trust God to lead you through that he will enable you to make a wise decision that you will forever be grateful for.

  • December 25

    Maybe some women see you older because of tour hair color. But don't worry the Lord knows tour every need, so he will give you the desires of your heart. In his time he will answer tour prayer request. Be blessed!

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