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Deaf Culture

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  • MARCO825

    December 12

    Deaf Christian culture are quite different and the deaf community is quite difficult to work with.  Sadly that less than 1 percent of Deaf people are saved.  More like .1 percent.  If you count the United States only.  That is roughtly 30 million Deaf people in the United States.  This means 3 Million heard of Jesus Christ and only about 300,000 or likely less accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.  

    That is a huge problem.  Never mind political turmoil in this country that more are not saved or backslided.  This was common even when America was strongly in faith in 1980s and 1990s with the wave of Conservativism and Christianity.  The reason?  Many Hearing Christians do not know how to witness to the Deaf.  And often are cursing the Deaf (Leviticus 19:14) and clearly means they are not hearing the Gospel.  Hearing people even Chrisians are still using discrimination, not witnessing.. And the Deaf themselves who are Saved are not growing in the Lord because they still lack the fellowship from other Christians because maybe churches do not have interpreters, do not have Deaf ministries.. and lack of having on their church websites that they have a deaf ministry.  Come on.  Do NOT curse the Deaf!  Same with the blind in same verse.  Dont block them.  

    Also many Deaf people have hard time understanding difficult scriptures.  Yeah, there are easier to read bibles but many are not, well, this is a whole another subject to discuss that would be controversal.  Many other bibles may not have interpretation correctly what the scriptures have.  (Its ok, I am strong KJV reader and I could go on with this but thats another day to discuss about the Bible).. They need to understand the scriptures correctly.

    Cults are winning the Deaf because they are very clever and know how to pull the Deaf away from Christianity and even the Deaf community.  The Deaf tend to like to go to a church where there are so many other Deaf.  "OH if you go there, I will go there too!"  They misunderstood what it is needed.  Remember so many people came to hear Jesus preach on the hill and the fish and the bread.. And many left but a few stayed?  Well, this is what the Deaf are behaving.. go where the flock goes but not heeding to Christ.  I know many Deaf people are like that.  Not really saved.  No.  They go because their deaf friends go there.  It is sad.

    Communication is big concern because Hearing people do not konw sign language.  If you do not know and you know Deaf people, pleaseee take up sign language and you will be surprised.  If your church has a Deaf ministry, maybe you will be called as interpreter.  Interpreters are quite needed and you will understand why.  Services are 1 to 2 hours long and you would be tired signing.  Take turn!  And fellowship with the Deaf, plesae!  If your church does not have any Deaf ministry.. start one!  Look up online for resources or order books throuch Christian bookstore online or Christian bookstores near you.  

    And yes, I am Deaf!  But I can talk very well and read lips.

    You can ask question here and I will be happy to answer.  God bless!

  • MARCO825

    January 2

    Wow, no questions?  No comments?  No assistance you need?  Please do ask!  Thank you!

  • February 12

    I think it's nice information.

    I'm deaf too. but the only thing I do when people speak with me (face to face) is their lips. the more very clearly words, the more better I catch it. some think that deafness means that deafer can't hear any voice at all. of course they wrong, it has been voices every second of life "in the ear" that cause we can't hear.

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