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"Undiscovered" World just Waiting for Us!

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    September 27

    Listen brothers and sisters...this is for real! I realize it tonight so clearly. Sometimes you know something already, but then it forms a complete Vision in your mind and it just has to become reality!

    We are living in the wrong world! We live the isolated, fragmented, individualistic world of our peers and unbelieving counterparts and that, particularly, of our times. God has a completely ROMPEDORA (groundbreaking) plan of How He naturally engages with each of us, individually and collectively, and how He wants us to engage with and interact with one another!

    We are not doing this!  We are missing out. We have a glass of the most delicious and fulfilling, effervescent drink before us, and we reach out for coca-cola instead, something that wears away our teeth enamel and, actually, leaves us thirsty in the end as it sucks the H2O out of our bodies...

    I have seen how the Lord moves in His body (us), how He will answer a prayer request at random using a Christian who is a complete stranger, how He will reach out to a broken heart from a fellow believer who is moved to passion or love for his brother or sister, someone whom he or she hardly knows!! Just being a believer sets us up for a completely new and bounteous world of experience, one of intimacy, fellowship, and meaningfulness and one...largely, regretfully, and surprisingly unchartered, unembarked, unexperienced! Of course some Christians are already living this and are well-aware of its reality and Power. However, I dare say the majority of us--are not! In this largely "unseen" but glistening world, relationships don't take days or months or years to develop, but can be developed in a matter of moments!! Broken hearts are not ignored for half a century, nor are immediate or ultimate needs left hanging out on the clothes line with never hope of the sun. If we would only spend deep and quality time with our other believing friends and family members, what worlds of possiblity would there be for the state of our souls, hearts, minds, and spirits? And for those around us who do not know the Lord, who do not know what it means to feel loved, alive, and no longer alone?? How much more would we know the Lord if we engaged proactively with His Body to actually see Him "at work" within and around each of us? How much more effective would our witness be as others around us are made privy of how AWESOME and Unparalled is this world that we believers can so simply yet shockingly live?  I will share some examples...I know we will all have them (or I hope we do), but are such experiences more as isolated events or do they comprise part of a flourishing and continous lifestyle?

    I had an urgent financial need to cover recently. I am currently in between jobs as the one I just had fell through the floor.  My best friend who is a Christian had already given me some money to take care of two of my bills. I still had one for the next day that I had not yet mentioned.  Somehow when he came to visit, he saw a sticky note that I had out somewhere. It said ''pay Capital One."  When he  saw the note he said, "Michelle, do you have another bill that you cannot pay?" I smiled, hestitated just a moment and replied, "Yes." I told him I was $5 short.  I hadn't wanted to ask him (even for that lol) because he had already been so generous.  He reached across the table and handed me another $20.  I know the Lord used my note to, effectively, come to my aid through my Christian friend. I wasn't going to ask him.  But the Lord took care of me.  Recently, on this site, a person randomly reached out to me and sent me a heart-felt note that genuinely ministered to a situation I have endured.  There is no way he would have known what needed to be said, but, surprisingly and marvelously, the Lord reached out to me and spoke to my heart. How many unbelievers do you know who would have the capacity to reach the very core of your heart and say what you truly needed to hear in a situation that no one ultimately understood except you and God? Doesn't happen!  But it can...with us! :-D  

    I visited a house church in Florida once when I was looking for a house church/city to live in. I learned a lot one day in this house church that I had not witnessed before! There were no perfunctory roles carried out, no songs prescripted to be sung, and no standing or sitting upon command ...We all sat in a circle and everyone shared that day as the *Holy Spirit* led him or her to a result, whoever was in the room that needed to hear a given experience or Scripture verse was uplifted or moved in a real and genuine way, to a magnitude, that just simply sitting in a pew, unable to speak, cannot fully enable. One girl felt moved to play the flute and shared a song the Lord had put on her heart. Another individual shared a small story he felt the Lord inspired within him to minister to the group as a whole. One person began to cry as the story had especially touched him or her. In such a setting, many completely different thoughts can be shared and even reciprocated!! : Scriptures, burdens, fears, struggles, praises, hopes, answered prayers, seemingly unanswered ones, prayer requests... all can be shared spontaneously to minister to several people at once in different or shared ways all according to the wisdom and desire of our God.  Bonds are also formed through such an environment of sharing and reciprocation. Knowledge, Understanding, and Love for the Lord (and each other) increase as His Love, Wisdom, and Presence all are made so manifest  before us.  I want to see him in Action. Don't you?  I long for it.

    What and why are we missing it my brothers and sisters?

    [The only solution that seems to be at our fingertips, at present, is the cell group. I still would take it a step further to suggest house church plantings where Scripture is both taught yet brothers and sisters actively share with one another and pray as part of a lifestyle and engage with each other outside of those meetings to ensure a more effective and meaningful life for everyone!]

    This new and largley undiscovered world is just waiting for you and me...reach out your Hand as the Lord Jesus leads and you can feel it on its Surface...step a little closer and you will feel yourself entering into its glassy, shining Form, dwell in it and you will have found you have become a different Person, one no longer Lonely, Empty, Detached, and Sad because there is no one like you or who is going through what you are experiencing or who feels that God is a MILLION miles away...God will be Near and ever at your door, no longer only a concept or a flashing Thought. You will wonder, "Where was I living all those years before?  What distant grey planet was that?"  Perhaps you will even be among those counted who say, "...Who bore me these? I was bereaved and barren; I was exiled and rejected. Who brought these up? I was left all alone, but these--where have they come from?'"  (Isaiah 49:21)

    Written with love and fond fond wishes, your friend and sister,

    Michelle the "Labradoritegirl"

  • September 27

    Amazing!!  Spot on!!!  You are so correct,.. the church is not the building,.. it's believers who do exactly what you are describing,.. that,.. is the body that Christ desires... well spoken,..  God Bless You Michelle...


    September 28

    Thank you, Tim 😊. Now, I am *not saying stop going to traditional church while you search for a house church--it may take quite some time to find one or to know how to begin one, and you will, more than likely, "back-slide" in the process. Trust me! We have to be plugged in somewhere at all times. I learned this the hard way as I, even "totally on fire " spiritually, found myself backsliding by not going to traditional church as I looked for a house church.

    I found myself not wanting to read my Bible as much...even old cuss words were returning to me!! I couldn't believe it. I didn't even know that could happen! So, I do believe we need to be hearing the Word of God somewhere and being involved with our brethren, even if in an imperfect system until we arrive where we can be of and receive the most benefit. ❤❤❤🌝🌈

  • October 29

    Hello Arcoiris. Thank you for sharing. I also find that an online community, like, for example, is useful: you connect every day, hear passages of the Bible being read (from both O and N T so that the whole of the Scriptures are read in one year) and commented, and the community is vibrant, with an opportunity to call with prayer requests and a "Prayer wall" to share requests and praise. I find it to be a blessing.

  • October 30

    Am really blessed by your testimony as well as insite here,it's true many people have yarning heart for a word that will keep reminding them "it is well,"there's hope","it's not yet over". May the good Lord bless you Mitchell

  • MARCO825

    January 2

    Michelle, I believe a church is not a building.  A church is a fellowship between 2 or more Christians.  Clearly in Matthew 18:20  --
    For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

    So, it is okay to fellowship with just 2 or 3.. a home church or a church in a house is fine.  Or even can fellowship at a coffee shop.  This is what I do with my own church.  At a coffee shop and just a very few comes. I first realized this when I went on my first mission trip to Central America regarding this because I was with my pastor 24/7 for six weeks and our missionary friend and missionary partner who is from Costa Rica.  Every day!  I was really into the Lord when I was around them and without them, wow, not like I was down there.  I realized we need that.  This is the vision I have for my church to be open 24/7 for Christians to fellowship EVERY DAY.  People come and go all the time but Spiritually will be strong in the Lord.

    Right now, just meet once a week or rather twice a week.  Not easy but the Lord knows.   My church is a non-traditional storefront cafe church.  No pews.  Just tables and chairs.  You can look for a church like that.  Not much because many are sticking with traditional Sunday Morning and maybe Sunday night and Wed night each week.

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