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A man after GOD's Own Heart

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  • July 18, 2018

    Marry a man who loves Jesus because that man will respect you and will worship with you.

    Marry a man with whom you can confide your deepest secrets, and cry in front of without feeling embarrassed. A man who knows when to worry and when to lead you with strong hands through a dark storm in your life.

    Marry a man who maintains boundaries within your relationship. A man who knows the importance of self-privacy, emotional space and how to balance togetherness and individuality. A man who gives you the freedom to be who you are and encourages you to become the best version of yourself every single day.

    Marry a man who’s excitedly nervous on your wedding day. A man who won’t hold back his tears when he sees you walking down the aisle because he has waited for that moment all of his life.

    A man who’s ready to spend his entire lifetime fulfilling the responsibilities and promises to you. A man who will always be honored to call you his everything, his wife.

    Marry a man who isn’t afraid to love and be committed to a relationship. A man who can admit his mistakes and extend forgiveness. A man who is willing to sacrifice his hobbies and make you one of his top priorities.

    Marry a man who accepts your faults and doesn’t try to fix them. A man who knows those imperfections make you perfectly fit for him. A man who always reminds you that you are the most beautiful person in his eyes and you’re the best gift he has ever received. A man who tells you these things, every morning you wake up.

    Marry a man who can pray for you and pray with you. A man who isn’t afraid to fall to his knees and worship God without caring what the world will think of him. A man who brings you closer to your Savior and makes Him the foundation of your relationship and your future family. A man who reads and lives out His words.

    Marry a man who has own life goals, but also supportive of yours. A man who respects your decisions and never judges you by your mistakes. A man who motivates you and reminds you to give yourself room to breathe whenever you face too much pressure and adversity. A man who will greet you with a smile after a long tiring day at work.

    Marry a man who creates an atmosphere of safety, happiness, and contentment within your relationship. A man who will walk beside you and lead you. A man who will stay up late with you to watch your favorite movie even though you have watched it more than ten times already. A man who will take photos of you secretly when you’re on a date with him because he wants to treasure precious moments with you.

    Marry a man who can’t promise to travel the whole world with you, but vows to grow old with you. A man who can wait all day and be your honest critic when you go shopping. A man who surprises you with simple efforts and gestures. A man who always tell you how much he adores you, from your smiles to your soul.

    Marry a man who loves Jesus and loves you, regardless of the obstacles this world brings.

    Words by E.J. Cenita

  • BETTY336

    July 23, 2018

    That's very true message,E.J. Cenita!!!!!A man who brings me closer to Jesus Christ and committe his life to Jesus  Christy as a stong hold to his  whole ife, he is the one who  I am looking for. Forget about matching interest!!!! (But if he  committe his life to Jesus I believe that the Blood of Jesus gonna fix every bad behavior among us if  we mary each other, Serious we need God intervention in our life.,

  • XRAY948

    July 24, 2018

    So, does that author happen to have anything to say for how women should treat the men they marry, or is it really that one-sided?... Just wondering if the same standard will be applied on both sides or if the scales are completely tipped to one side only, as the case seems to be.

    July 25, 2018 updated by XRAY948

  • July 27, 2018

    That can be both sides brother.. As Proverbs chapter 31 describe the character of a Woman after GOD's Own Heart. This is one sharing of the character of a Man after GOD's Own Heart but it can be both sides. Only that I posted this in the point of view of a GODly woman.

    July 27, 2018 updated by SHARON525


    September 25, 2018

    Beautifully written, E.J. There are all types of ways to describe a godly man or woman. You just chose to speak on the part of women ;-)


    September 25, 2018

    Hi XraY,

    Would you like to make a post about your opinion of what constitutes a dream partner and/or godly woman?  It may be a good opportunity. I am not sure why the response given to E.J.'s post was supplied in such a seemingly defensive manner? Has there been too much emphasis placed on ideal males versus ideal females in society? I think I may know why that may be the case if that is what you are thinking or feeling. I am sorry that seems to be burdening you. Let us know if that is what you are feeling. Otherwise, have you ever written thematic essays without fear of reproof for failing to address the other side? In a business for example, there is an employer and employee(s) [i.e. Reciprocal situation]. What if you were to write an essay on what constitutes a great, reliable employee? Would anyone criticize you for failing to hail the exemplary qualities of an ideal employer as well? It was, simply, the theme that touched her heart that day. I believe her essay touched on something deeper in you, a frustration already there. We would love to read, if you are interested, your version of a godly woman.

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