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  • April 10, 2018

    Hi Chris Alegra & Team

    I have noticed a few things that I'm curious about.

    1..I have noticed that profiles that have answered just a few basic questions still have a high matching percentage even when there is no photo or other details about the person.

    Why then should people bother about answering essay questions when there is no incentives to do so?

    Also as a christian dating website, personally I'm interested in hearing what people actually believe as compared to answering a few survey type questions that most reasonable people know how to cheat on.No one would actually admit they have cohabitated or are a heavy drinker just as an example.Yet they can still get a 100% matching by saying the right things but not necessarily being the right person.

    This is of course based on my observation that you don't have to complete your whole profile to get matches.

    2...Members who have highlighted that they are only interested in friendships are still presented as potential matches (sometimes with a high match percentage). Shouldn't people that are looking for potential partners only be paired accordingly with those that are actually interested.Those looking for penpals on their own side.It sounds aggressive but then if we are looking for two different things then this is not a match.

    People who haven't been online for a year or a few months (more than six months)  also still appear as top matches. Isn't there a way to filter out those who are taking an "unofficial" break. Also would be great to filter out people who rarely reply or if they can be transparent by changing their status or something.Just to be fair on everyone.

    3...On some people's profiles I see a "sun-like" icon and an "alchemy" looking icon one.I can guess what the alchemy one means but then you get two profiles with the same percentage and the other has a "chemistry" icon. What does this mean and what is this referring to? I checked the About Cmatch section but didn't see anywhere it is explained.

    4...Also for some of us living on the African Continent, questions about right wing or left wing politics don't apply because our political systems are a little different.So I personally didn't know how to answer this.

    Thank you in advance for your response.


    April 16, 2018

    Hi Tina,

    1. Match questions is not the only criteria used to calculate matches. We don't want to reveal our secret completely ;-) but we also use (for instance) your saved search data. On our Help page we share a bit more. By making answering match questions optional, we prevent people giving false answers on questions they're not ready to reveal. If someone doesn't answer a question that's important to you, that person won't be able to match you 100%. Also, match questions are not just for matching, but also to browse and peak your curiosity regarding someone's answer. That's an incentive in itself to answer match questions. But you are right; hearing about what someone believes is by far the most important aspect of browsing singles. This is why we encourage our singles to elaborate on it profusely in their profile essay 'I believe'.

    2. Most people who're here for friendship, won't mind finding their soul mate. So for most cases, we don't think it's a non-match. We do understand your concern regarding inactive profiles and we do in fact consider this. All profiles who haven't been active for over 6 months will not be displayed here at cMatch.

    3. If you click or hover on those icons, they're explained. A sun means a new member, an alchemy means top match, and a gift box means this person has their birthday.

    4. We understand, feel free to skip questions that do not apply to you.

    Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have more questions.

    God bless,


  • January 1

    I would like to send some pictures to someone I was speaking with since early November but I do not want my pictures to be public. Please tell me how I can do so privately?

  • MARCO825

    January 2

    Ahh, a double secret heh?  Hahaha.  Most of my matches top out about 71 percent but that was at one time and never saw again.  Most of them like 65 or lower.  Tina, you will never get a 100 percent.  No one is perfectly 100 percent.  God is the perfect matchmaker and He sure did in Genesis chapter 24.  Clearly.  That was the first true recorded Long Distance Relationship (LDR) ever recorded.  And oldest.

    It is hard to get you like.  But do not settle for anyone less!  That can be a painful lesson.  Just listen to God, period.  Pray and let God lead you.  You might even never know the right guy is right there next to you in your hometown who is not on here!  

    I agree with you that a photograph is necessary requirement set by MOST people in this world.  Most of us feel that way and sure does need to.  But the real window to the soul is beyond inside of their eyes.  Tina, you know already what those icons mean. you could have hover over it and you would have seen the description of them.  :)  

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