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Being christlike

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  • June 21, 2016

    Hey brothers and sisters,Please allow me  to share something....There is this story in the bible in mark 9:14-19.Where Jesus took peter,james andjohn with him to a high mountain to show them his glory and  on their way back from the mountain top they found a crowd that was gathered listening to a heated debate between the nine disciples(who had been left behind) and the religious leaders. the bible says when the crowd saw Jesus they were amazed!I think they got excited that jesus would do something about the situatuion then.i can only imagine that they all wanted to speak at the same time.For Jesus to understand what was going on he asked the disciples," what are you arguing with them about?"A man in the crowd answered saying."teacher i brought you my son,who is  possessed by a spirit that has robbed him of his speech. Note that, in the passage, the disciples had failed to drive the spirit out.when Jesus asked the disciples that question the man couldn't help but pour out his frustration.Desperate need trumps theological debate everytime.The disciples might have been frustrated coz they couldn't perform a miracle while the religious leaders might have been satisfied at their opportunity to have an argument but this father didnt come there to listen to all this but to seek for help infact he explained in detail why he brought his son and all the symptoms the son had.most oftenly people come to us for the same reasons and all we do as christains is talk about 'us'..How tragic that sometimes we get side tracked with arguments that make no difference to a wounded heart.Lets be like christ.

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