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beauty in diversity


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  • MEL299

    March 6, 2016

    How consoling it is to know that everyone that walks the surface of the earth has something to bring, a contribution to make. There is nothing quite like the beauty that comes from diversity. When one brings what they carry on the inside of them and is willing share of their gifts, it adds a beauty to life. When each person is comfortable in their arena, it eliminates the need for competition.

    I love how one piece can fit perfectly into another and give rise to a glorious finish when the picture is complete.i think on a singer,how one can hit a particular range of notes so comfortably and another cant quite get there but when put together,a harmony can make music come alive.Just as varied as our outer features differ from one to another,so must our appreciation of each others abilities be embraced.

    When you are true to your gift,its adds to your definition and the uniqueness that your presence brings.I can not emphasis enough how there is no one quite like you,nor is there anyone who can do what you do the same way that you do it.Sometimes its not so obvious where your unique abilities lie,but sure enough it will find expression when you least expect.Pressure has a way of revealing certain things concealed about ourselves.A gift will always find its way to the surface one way or another,it is never meant to be hidden.

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