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Prayer for life filled with Christ

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  • January 17, 2016

    hai everyone..well its shameful but my prayer request is that i should live a life filled with Christ and not to lose my way easily

    i love Christ alot.

    also that i should be able to find a God fearing man .thank you

  • January 19, 2016

    God keep you strong and happy.

  • SONNET512

    March 6, 2016

    Praying with you to stay strong in Christ, because NObody will ever love you like Jesus..

  • EGEE959

    March 16, 2016

    Kupa, I pray that which you ask and also that you come to know Jesus even more, because having a solid relationship with him is exactly how you prevent yourself from straying. And once you see the difference between the love of God vs the love of the world, it'll be the easiest decision to stay in His arms. Certain things you'll begin to stop doing because it creates a gap between you and your Father, and the gap will affect you in ways you never imagined. It'll make you seek His face more, long to be near Him, and ultimately change your perspective on life, and reveal the True reason why He gave you life. It's not just for our benefit, but for others as well..We have a duty to tell others about Jesus. God is not just for us, but for others who are also His children, but are still in the world and don't know Him, or are simply led astray...That is apart of His purpose for our lives..Not that we ourselves are selfish, and withhold His goodness, but for His glory that we spread Word of His faithfulness to far reaching places. As far as your desire for companionship, God has specifically designed someone Just for You! Rejoice in knowing that when he comes, He will be customized and formed by your King, who knows your heart and desires, even your secret prayers and thoughts. Pray for what you want, even specific qualities, and declare that thing done in Jesus name, and have faith that it is DONE! God can never lie nor can He deprive His children of their prayers who come to Him! From now on, you should speak those things as though they were in faith KNOWING that God has already done it! God bless you!

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