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Away from His presence


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  • TONY825

    January 15, 2016

    Away from his presence.

    Every minute I spend away from his presence is nothing but shadows.

    The Lord brought me to existence as an act of love.
    All I want from life is to give him back my living soul full of love for Him.

    My spirit will never rest until His presence is in me, embracing my heart.

    One day the world will not be the same.
    But what the Holy Spirit has grafted in my heart on the cross,
    will remain for eternity.

    True love never fades away because it simply cannot die.
    True love flows from the living heart of God, exhibited on the cross.

    “ I am that I am “ is my life.

    He makes of me a “ little I am “ in Him.

    His love and strength are my shelter.

    Where the love of God dwells there is blazing fire.
    Where the spirit of God lives there is communion.

    How far are we from this reality Lord?

    My dear Jesus, please come quickly and fulfill your love in me
    that I may settle in the Father and never leave again.

    Tony Shelala

  • January 16, 2016

    Wonderful, just wonderful

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