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Eternal Love


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  • TONY825

    January 15, 2016

    Eternal Love

    HE loved me before the foundation of the world.
    But, was I there to witness?
    I was a breath of his breath,
    but incapable to see.
    HE was the “I am who I am” ,
    I was an unconscious spirit.
    From eternity to mortality He loved me across time.
    I know Him now because I saw Him in the face of Jesus:

    Oh! My God how wonderful you are.

    I will love Him back from mortality to eternity
    when time cease to exist.

    I will carry my faults and count on His grace.

    I thank you Lord for this exciting trip of love.
    It brought me up from unconsciousness to awareness of You and me.
    Your great “I am who I am” and my little “i am” in you.
    Now I can glorify your name the way you wanted it to be:

    “Being in love with you”.

    Tony Shelala

    Devotional ministry

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