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pl pray for a wife who overnight heard she had become single!

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  • JODEVA155

    January 9, 2016

    Fait accompli?
    She was distraught with pain as she spoke to me--I could hear the pain, the fear, the anxiety in her voice. Her husband had divorced her without her knowledge!! And remarried!! How does one feel to be betrayed by the very one who has promised to cherish you and love you, 'forsaking all others'? How does it feel to be discarded with no thought of what the future would hold for someone who never held a job in her life?
    He even locked the little business she was running to ensure she was what? bankrupt? for what?
    He had given her the divorce papers then taken it back saying he was repentant and desired to stay with her--and then without her knowledge , living in the same house, backstabbed his very own family, by going through the divorce, (she was ex parte) getting married to another lady and then presenting the facts to her
    Ephesians 1:15 For this reason, because I have heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love[c] toward all the saints,
    What is the response of the Church? fait accompli? the deed is done, now let's give him grace (God says not to judge) and ensure the repentant lamb(wolf) comes back to the loving arms of a loving saviour?
    We cannot do anything unless the wife comes to us?
    Hes married now--we cant do anything?
    What would Jesus have done in his scenario?
    Is 'acceptance' of such a sinner what the Church needs to do? and tell his children--accept whats happened.
    Is this marriage--done covertly acceptable in the eyes of our Saviour who died for us--for our sins whose grace sets us free --would this marriage come under 'grace'
    What happens to his wife and children?
    What is the Church's duty? for they used to attend church?
    'Church': the local building and fellowship as much as Church the body of Christ.
    How does the Church demonstrate love towards all the saints?

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