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Scam, scam, scam

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  • January 4, 2016

    Have u been a victim of scam or do u know one who has especially in the event where money was did u cope and recovery from it?pliz share.


    January 4, 2016

    MARIASONI311, are you yourself a victim of a scam? Are you talking about online dating scam?

    Also, we'd like to remind everyone that cMatch staff is extremely experienced in dealing with scammers, this is why we're proud to say cMatch is maybe the safest dating site out there. However it's important that you follow the rules and guidelines:

    Also, please help us keep cMatch safe by reporting unwanted or suspicious activity.


  • KAREN889

    January 9, 2016

    I met someone on another site and then we started communicating through personal emails. After a while he went silent and when he did contact me again, he had a story and as soon as I heard it I was suspicious. He did in a round about way ask for money, but there is no way I would send money to someone I don't know (someone I haven't physically met). The story and him asking for money wasn't the hard part for me, but the rest of what he said over the months of our communication, I felt we had a true beginning relationship and that was harder to recover from. The way I did recover was asking others for prayer and asking them to pray specifically on how I was hurting and how I felt used. I asked them to pray that I would get back to being content in only Christ again. It took me about 3 months to get back to my first love, Christ, and only Him. After I realized he was a scammer I started some research and found out that others had given him money and that they had already contacted FBI, but he hasn't been caught yet. I hope this helps you.

  • JIM004

    January 10, 2016

    Hi cMatch,

    I'm ( JimOO4  )

    I'm new on this Site, and my biggest problem is that I can't type.

    It takes  me a long time to look for the keys and then type with one finger!

    First of all, I would encourage a background check, as there are low life, dishonest people everywhere nowadays!!

    Please forgive me if i've violated your rules by asking several possible Matches to call me.

    I have been Honest in my Profile!

    I am a Widower and live in a very rural part of Arizona. I would be happy to explain why to anyone.

    This was the only property that my wife & I could turn to after our Restaurant burned down & we were swendled out of our savings. We had eachother, but now that she passed away, I have been devastated. I haven't any neighbors, and very few distant friends.

    There are no words for LONELINESS!

    God Bless all of you at cMatch!      I Pray that there is someone that needs someone like me too.

  • AILA359

    January 16, 2016

    Hello Jim,

    I'm very sorry about the situation you are going through, may God be your strength.

    You are under my prayers!

    Stay blessed.

  • MICHAEL437

    January 28, 2016

    [Mod edit: We do not tolerate defamatory, libelous remarks on the forum.]

    February 1, 2016 updated by CMATCH

  • GABE642

    January 30, 2016

    Hello all,

    As a rule of thumb, avoid any person (you have never met), no mater how moving their story might be, who starts talking to you about anything that has to do with his/her financial difficulties. A genuine person usually will not share those kind of difficulties with people they hardly know in person. And even if they do out of trust, they will not request money from you.

    Yes, some of us have good hearts and want to help people in need, but many people just take advantage of that online. As a rule, I personally do not give any kind of financial support anyone hardly known to me until I see real and verifiable evidence to back their story.

  • August 31, 2017

    Well actually I am in this position, i met someone from the other site. It's usually easy for me to spot the scammers. But this one is quite smooth he didn't get rushed and he has good English ability. I have never thought he is a scammers until he and his team cornering me to make the courier payments over the gifts he sent me. I almost get tricked, since he used to be so gentle and considerate for about month and a half. But I've realised he is fake since he turns rude since the problem arise. But thanked God I'm okay, since I managed my expectations and decided not get fallen in to lust, or being too dependent with him. But yeah there's a part of me who missed the companionship.

    But this what I bear in my mind. Every girl should place her heart in God's hand, so that He will put it into the right guy. Never leave our relationship with God and God's peoples whenever we're with someone. They will guard us from falling into wrong relationship. Just keep daily life keeps on going, never give the big part of our life before we sure that he is the one.

  • MARCO825

    December 13

    When you are being scammed or even be stalked, report to the police, website host, and wait for their reply and then you can remove your profile.  Never ever give out your private details including name, address, phone, and your more private details including social security number or your national ID number.  And any other IDs and even your bank and cedit cards.  Never give them anything.  

    You should know by now how they talk, how they are acting, Their refusal to show cam, etc.  If you trust your guts, block them.  If they are scammers, stalkers, block but if you can tell a real nice person, then slowly get to know the person and you need to have background check on them. That is actually what I do.  Years ago, before the internet, I used to when I was young man in my late teens and 20s.  I actually asked suspecting females who may be really underage and I would ask for their driver's license so I can see the year of their birth and that scared away jail baits.  It worked.  

    Now, I would require cam, and some other trade secrets how I can find them out if they are for real or not.  Sorry cant tell you how!

  • WAYNE763

    December 31

    I've been hit numerous times just since mid-July.  Eventually their stories began to sound very similar. Each was either in Texas, Ghana, or West  Chicago. Each of them needed an Amazon gift 💳 card to repair or replace their phone. Each of them needed thousands of 💵 dollars for transportation or to pay an attorney so they could get their inheritance from their late father. Regardless of any "personal photo" they have posted there is no proof that they are indeed women. Most will refuse to call you or, especially, video chat.

    I have learned all these clues and play along with them knowing it's all a scam to see how long it takes before they give up and disappear leaving a trail of texts.

    I have never spent a dime but have enjoyed playing my part in the charade.

    Just beware that you don't give them any money and eventually they will give up.

    Any questions ☑ check back with me.

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