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    June 10, 2015

    Welcome to the cMatch forum!

    This cMatch forum is a public discussion board for Christian singles. Both serious and light-hearted topics are covered: faith, relationships, prayer, but also activities, games and humor.

    The discussion board consists of several forums (categories), like 'Friendships and relationships', 'Christian life', and 'Prayer corner'. This forums contain discussion topics related to the subject of the forum. Whoever starts a new topic, thinks of a title and writes an opening post, in which he (m/f) introduces a thesis or asks a question, after which other forum participants can respond. All messages (forum posts) are displayed chronologically for each topic.

    General rules and guidelines

    • Please note that this is a public forum. Everyone can read what you're posting here, including people who are not logged in at cMatch. Also, once posted, you won't be able to remove your forum contribution. So make sure to only post stuff you wish to share with the whole wide world. Respect your privacy and the privacy of others. Before posting personal details about someone, make sure to obtain that person's permission.
    • Never publish personal contact details, neither yours, not someone else's. For example, it's not allowed to post addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Blackberry PINs, or links to personal websites or Facebook accounts. Exceptions are only allowed in some circumstances and after explicit approval from cMatch staff.
    • Do not use the discussion board to convey personal messages, for example 'ANN123, I would love to contact you but you're blocking my messages'.
    • It's our sincere prayer that this discussion board encourages us, builds us up, and helps us to grow spiritually. We're not shying away from a heated debate, but personal attacks will not be tolerated. Respect each other, and respect each other's opinion. Here at cMatch there's no room for rude, foul, obscene or indecent language. Don't gossip or slander. And abide to all other cMatch terms. In short: remain friendly, build each other up, encourage each other. Treat each other with respect, like brothers and sisters in the Lord. Please remember you're a follower of Christ.
    • If you're posting a poem or an article you didn't write yourself, then please be considerate and include the source and/or the author, preferably with a link. Does it involve a longread you found online? Then please only post a portion of the text: a quote or some highlights. This will improve the readability of the topic.
    • Don't use all capital letters. It's considered yelling. Your momma probably told you yelling is rude. Guess what — she's right.
    • Using the discussion board for advertising, fundraising, or any other commercial purposes is not allowed. Exceptions are only allowed in some circumstances and after explicit approval from cMatch staff. This limitation includes churches, ministries, and charities.
    • Please be considerate regarding the usage of text colors. It can be distracting and disruptive, if not used functionally.
    • Are you seeing a forum post that's not okay? Help us keep the forum clean by telling us about it. Click 'Report' at the top right of the post you wish to report.
    • Are you quoting a message that's offensive or obscene? Better to ignore a message (after reporting it), but if you have to respond, please remove the offensive/obscene language from the quote. This way your post doesn't require moderation, and cMatch staff can efficiently keep the forum clean.

    Browse the forum

    • You may browse each forum/category separately, but you can also click 'Active topics' to see an overview of topics that recently got new replies.
    • This topic list shows topic titles, but also the profile name of the person who started the topic, the person who replied last, and the date/time of the last reply.
    • If the topic or forum icon is blue, it means there's recent activity: new posts within the last seven days.
    • If the topic icon includes a padlock, it means the topic was locked by cMatch staff or a moderator, and replying in this topic is no longer possible. Usually an explanation is given in the topic by a moderator.

    Starting a new topic

    • Browse the forum and make sure nobody else already started a topic with the same subject. If you find a similar topic, don't start a new one, instead reply in the existing topic. This way the discussion is centralized.
    • Choose the right forum for your new topic. For example: prayer requests in 'Prayer', and a question about a broken heart in 'Friendship and relationships'. Once you've picked the right forum, click 'Start new topic'.
    • Think of a specific title that correctly summarizes the subject. For example: Don't use 'Prayer request', but use 'Prayer request for my sick mother'. And don't use 'I have a question', but 'How to deal with a long distance relationship'.
    • It's not possible change your topic title afterwards, neither it's possible to move your topic to a different forum. Have you made a mistake? Please contact cMatch staff or a forum moderator, they might be able to help.
    • Make sure your opening post is clear regarding the thesis or question you'd like others to respond to. Certainly an opening post of a serious subject deserves research and substantiation.

    Replying to a topic

    • Do you wish to share your thoughts regarding a subject covered in an existing cMatch forum topic? Please access the topic and click 'Post reply'.
    • Please contribute to a relevant debate and remain on topic.
    • No slow chat please: The discussion board is not intended to exchange many (short) messages with a single person in a short amount of time, resembling a chat conversation. They're usually not relevant to others and the subject, and they make it harder to read the topic.
    • If you wish to respond to a specific forum post, please use the 'Quote' link. This includes the post in your reply, creating more clarity in the debate.
    • Please check your message for spelling errors.
    • You may edit your forum post by locating your post and clicking 'Edit'. However, please consider others who already responded to your contribution. This is why editing is not possible for messages posted over 24 hours ago.
    • It's not possible to delete a forum post. It's also considered impolite to 'empty' a forum post, especially if others made the effort to respond to your post.

    July 29, 2015 updated by CMATCH


    July 29, 2015

    Forum rules and help added.

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