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I appreciate your effort to link interested people like to other believers. This has been a wonderful opportunity without which I would not have made contacts with people from far and wide. Blessings, I.

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A clean and safe Christian dating site where born again singles from all over the world meet for love, courtship, friendship and fellowship. Our service is truly international and full featured: cMatch has IM, a chatbox, a personal mailbox, colorful tools to personalize your profile, extensive search options and much more. And while you sleep, work, attend church or do other important things, cMatch will search the globe for your perfect match -- non stop, around the clock. Our editors are online dating specialists and committed Christians. That may seem obvious, but it's not. Unlike many other Christian dating sites we know what it takes to keep cMatch safe and clean, and we know what you expect from us. And best of all: cMatch is completely free, though we welcome donations from people who believe in our mission.

Everybody who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and believe he's the son of God, no matter your past, where you're from, single or not. We don't believe in judging people by their religious activities or church attendance. As long as you're saved by grace. You can join whether you're looking for a serious relationship resulting in marriage, a friend, a Bible study partner, or a pen pal from a different country.

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